Sandra arrived from New York city. She came with her husband John and her children.She arrived to Panama in her 39th week pregnancy. She wanted to have a panamenian son or daughter and still more: to have a home and water birth. And it was so. The day she was in her 42th week was born her beautiful daughter, Azela.

A few times in our life we were present in such a beautiful birth. Character and Sandra´s personality are really unique. All was smile and joy. All was naturalness and a deep connection and communication with her body and her daughter. She came in to the birth pool and in some minutes she even had a break and relaxed sleeping in the pool. Niki, Graciela, John and me were unable to avoid our emotion and gladness in these unforgettable moments.

We only say: Thank you…. Sandra !!!!

Dr. Rodrigo Aybar