Marijke Thank you !!


Dear Rodrigo and Graciela,

It has been a week since our last girl was born. I longed for the day she would be born, it took her a while to arrive, but once she started her descent into the wild open world she was in a hurry. It took some time to process the quick birth and I am still reliving that night regularly to understand what happened. I have had a hard time saying goodbye to being pregnant for the last time and now that Juulka is here it feels like I have to say goodbye to you. But I don´t want to.

I have had three amazing birth experiences. Three totally different experiences, but they were succesfull and amazing because I was offered the opportunity to have home births, in water, here in Panama. This would never have happened if it weren´t for you. You have lived all around the globe, but I am so so grateful that you ended up back in Panamá and really making a difference in this world. I will carry you in my heart wherever I´ll go, our girls will hear about you and will learn how important you are in our lives.
I will never forget. Thank you.

Lots of love Marijke

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