We are so exited! Kadis second baby soon !!!!

I had my 35 week check up today with Rodrigo @partonaturalpanama. It felt very special because I didn’t even meet him in person until I was 35 weeks pregnant with AnoraNisqua. So much has changed in the last 4 years and I find myself using moments like this to reflect on all we have experienced and learned. I am thankful for the work Rodrigo and Graciela are doing in Panamá, I’m thankful for Nathaniel and I’s journey to and in Panamá, I’m thankful for our experience with Anoras beautiful birth, for our lessons and experiences and joys in parenting, I’m excited for this next experience and this next baby and to be continuing our unfolding journey as parents, and as a family.

Feeling the sacredness of this sweet, fleeting time.