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Water Birth.

Birth in Water.

Birth in Water

by partonaturalpanama

Barbara Harper points out: “We have the great pleasure and honor of being able to count on Rodrigo Aybar, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, a specialist in water births, at the Cambrils and Madrid courses. He will bring us his great experience and statistics of the water births that he has accompanied.» in their own words: As an obstetrician gynecologist, I have tried throughout my life to accompany a birth in a gentle, respectful and calm manner. I tried in a thousand ways for many years… My encounter with the birth in the water implied a complete turn in my personal life and in the exercise of the profession. It was actually a before and after. More than five hundred accompaniments to babies during their births in water attest to this. For the first time I understood the essence of the process of human birth. It gave me the calm and wisdom I needed so that the baby can be born in a serene environment, free of interventions and can initiate the bond and contact with his mother and her father in the sanctuary that is offered to him at the time of delivery. ..

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Water Birth

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