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Home Deliveries and Water deliveries
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Barbara Harper y partonaturalpanama.

Barbara Harper ha sido para nosotros el mejor ejemplo y guía.
La tendremos en Panamá por segunda vez en un taller de adiestramiento para parto en agua.

Un hermoso parto!

  Este es un parto! La madre conectada con su cuerpo y su bebé, adopta una posición libre en la cual ella se siente cómoda. Su esposo la acompaña. Luego del nacimiento de la cabeza, se toma una pausa y con la siguiente contracción, rota la cabeza del bebé para permitir el acomodo de sus hombros. El esposo la ayuda, sugiriéndole que toque la cabecita, lo que le permite a ella sentir y comprender mejor el momento en el cual se encuentra. Los sonidos que emanan de su cuerpo se presentan siempre y le permiten a la madre controlar la energía y no lastimarse. Culmina todo con el nacimiento completo del bebé y con el contacto entre ellos piel con piel. Magistral. View this post on Instagram Such a beautiful sidelying birth 💟 slow and gentle… . The noises of birth, mom and dad completely in the moment, wow 😍 . #repost @restore_midwifery ⚡️ awesome . Sidelying birth! This mama birthed so gracefully, following her body and listening to her baby. She took her time, …

The movement for natural physiological birth in Panama is irreversible.

The movement for natural physiological birth in Panama is irreversible. This picture was taken by a very extraordinary American midwife. At that moment, we were in Arizona with the impressive Grand Canyon behind us. It was April of this year and we had been invited to participate at the Indie Birth national conference. The organisers were interested to hear first hand from us about our experiences attending mothers in Panama and promoting natural birth in both the hospital and home birth setting. We presented two lectures on our experience offering water and home births in our country. We were treated like royalty. Last week, the private hospital where we have worked for the last 20 years, informed us that, as of that moment, we had lost our hospital privileges. We were effectively prohibited form continuing our work seeing patients and attending births in their establishment. In addition, the hospital administration contacted our patients individually and directed them to immediately change their doctor or hospital. The reason given was our non-compliance with hospital policy. In fact, …

Empowering! Empoderamiento!

View this post on Instagram This is life….this is birth..raw and powerful. Have you ever seen a woman so empowered?! This is @birthwithoutfear ! @danchikfamily you are AMAZING! ✨ #homebirth #lifeofamidwife #homebirthed #simplybirth A post shared by Lindsey Meehleis (@lindseymeehleis) on May 21, 2016 at 3:05pm PDT


Over 9 months ago we were excited to find out we would be having a baby. Immediately we knew there were things we wanted to do differently than my first pregnancy/birthing experience which lacked human connection, magic and spirit. Early on we agreed we wouldn’t find out the sex of the baby and would wait till the end. What restriction, but as time went by it became less important. We also chose to keep the pregnancy humble and sacred which allowed us intimacy and for time to fly by. Our birthing however was still undetermined, until the day we found Dr. Rodrigo Aybar, after spending hours researching and reading the testimonials from his site we found our missing link, we were going to do a natural home birth in water. And so our journey began, the meditating, the visualization, hypnosis all to prepare ourselves for this moment in time. Here I leave for you a very special moment shared by my family, and hope you are able to get a glimpse of our efforts in …


We are so excited! The second Kadis child! it’s a privilege for us ! I had my 35 week check up today with Rodrigo @partonaturalpanama. It felt very special because I didn’t even meet him in person until I was 35 weeks pregnant with AnoraNisqua. So much has changed in the last 4 years and I find myself using moments like this to reflect on all we have experienced and learned. I am thankful for the work Rodrigo and Graciela are doing in Panamá, I’m thankful for Nathaniel and I’s journey to and in Panamá, I’m thankful for our experience with Anoras beautiful birth, for our lessons and experiences and joys in parenting, I’m excited for this next experience and this next baby and to be continuing our unfolding journey as parents, and as a family. Feeling the sacredness of this sweet, fleeting time.