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November 23th at 05:20 afternoon my wife’s heart, my Graciela Anhel heart stopped beating.

It was a metastatic melanoma that reached her lunges, pleura and kidneys, fulminant, which did not give time to stop it even with the most modern specific monoclonal inmune therapy given by her doctors. Nothing could stop it’s aggressiveness.

In September she was in her 63 years old.
The cancer surprised her still plenty of life.

While I’m writing these words I am receiving hundreds calls and written messages from all around the world with incredible testimonies and loving expressions which give me the opportunity to assimilate the real magnitude of her extraordinary personality.

In our family, she was, is and will be always our sun, our moon, our sky, our sea, our intelligence , our tenderness, our love, our soul.

Passionate reader, sweet, direct, lucid, always sharing her ideas and visions with few words. She was very cheerful and with a very strong character.

She had a very thin and deep intelligence, actually she was a living encyclopedia!!

Since the beginning of her illness became absolutely aware about it. Never she expressed any doubt or fear gesture. She was reading her book until her last live day. Susana, her unique sister arrived from Buenos Aires, Argentina and can share with her the last two weeks of her life happy, drinking Argentine “mate”, chatting , laughing during hours! We went together to the beach, the pacific coast she loved, and even swung in the beach.

All our family and her close friends were near she all the time.

We are very thankful Dr. Juan Carlos Alcedo and Dr. Nisla Camaño who with their smartness, generosity and love were near us until her last life minutes.

Graciela, my all live love ,breathed one’s last on her bed, in our house, without pain or suffering in presence of her children Ramiro and Tamila and me.

It’s impossible for to express in words our gratitude with thousands loving, affection and solidarity we have been receiving during these days.

Her legacy, her generous efforts to definitely and for always change the way our babies birth in our country, will continue being our northern and without any doubt will be the best homage we could offer to she.
We will do it until each girl and boy in our land can birth with dignity and received only and exclusively with her mother’s arms, skin and breasts.

Eternal glory Graciela!!!!
We love you!!!!

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