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Tomorrow will be AnoraNisqua´s 3 month birthday. I am feeling very thanful for our OBGYNS Dr Rodrigo Aybar and Graciela Anhel and our pediatrician Alberto Heart! They are the ONLY ones here in Panama doing home births, water births, and empowering parents to choose for themselves what they think is best for their children. They are going against the grain here and standing up for women and newborns in such a vulnerable place! We came here to birth to be on the island, we left a city full of homebirth options, and were we recieved so warmly here by these gems working so hard everyday! We can call them on their personal phones for help when we need it, come to the home for a visit after babies born, they understand we aren´t local and helped us find a place to birth, pharmacies, etc, and they treat us like humans rather than just patients at the dr office. Thank you for standing up for all the women, parents, and babies here in Panama! As we go through this grueling process of obtaining a birth certificate I realize how much you must have to fight against. We have waited over 30 business for a BIRTH CERTIFICATE so we can get a passport so when we are ready we can leave the country with our daughter! We have been interragated by a lawyer, are waiting to have the home we birthed in inspected and all on their time table not ours. The goverment in Panama is lacking integrity and compassion for families who choose to birth at home. These guys are fighting the good fight! Thank you :D #homebirth

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Soy médico gineco-obstetra radicado en Panamá, con amplia experiencia el la atención humana, cálida, de la embarazada, durante todo el proceso de la gestación, el parto, el puerperio y lactancia. Soy el único en todo el país que realiza partos en casa, así como en el agua. Nuestra experiencia ha sido con mujeres latinoamericanas, europeas, norteamericanas, africanas y asiáticas.

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