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Katherine Sierra sent  us such a beautiful post and pictures we share now with you .

Congratulations dear Kathie!

She wrote:

“Yesterday was national home birth day!!!!!

Almost 9 months ago I gave birth to my precious baby Liat. We were so fortunate to have her at home (the doctor’s home because we were in construction). It was the most incredible day of my life and we are so lucky we had a 100% natural birth with Dr. Rodrigo Aybar, Dra.Aybar, and my doula Niki Gee! Oren Rozen was so helpful and dedicated too. They were an awesome team. My body was just doing what it was made to do! Sometimes intense but so happy no one interfered (drugs or c section). My baby is super healthy and strong and I know this is because of the way she was born. I hope my story inspires others to birth from home.

The day before yesterday we finally took my placenta from the freezer due to electricity issues and planted it next to a banana plant. Wasn’t really how we expected but something about putting it back into the earth DID feel good. I know that it will feed the ground just like it fed my baby.

Being a mom and being pregnant is the most natural and amazing things I’ve ever experienced. I am so grateful!!!!”

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Soy médico gineco-obstetra radicado en Panamá, con amplia experiencia el la atención humana, cálida, de la embarazada, durante todo el proceso de la gestación, el parto, el puerperio y lactancia. Soy el único en todo el país que realiza partos en casa, así como en el agua. Nuestra experiencia ha sido con mujeres latinoamericanas, europeas, norteamericanas, africanas y asiáticas.

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