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Over 9 months ago we were excited to find out we would be having a baby. Immediately we knew there were things we wanted to do differently than my first pregnancy/birthing experience which lacked human connection, magic and spirit. Early on we agreed we wouldn’t find out the sex of the baby and would wait till the end. What restriction, but as time went by it became less important. We also chose to keep the pregnancy humble and sacred which allowed us intimacy and for time to fly by. Our birthing however was still undetermined, until the day we found Dr. Rodrigo Aybar, after spending hours researching and reading the testimonials from his site we found our missing link, we were going to do a natural home birth in water. And so our journey began, the meditating, the visualization, hypnosis all to prepare ourselves for this moment in time. Here I leave for you a very special moment shared by my family, and hope you are able to get a glimpse of our efforts in 2015 come full circle. This was only possible due to the 38 weeks of backrubs I received from Miguel Hermoso III, conversations to my belly from Logan Alejandro Villarreal, and support from FLora Lostalo & Kattia Villarreal on birthday. Of course I owe this lovely, intimate experience to my fearless leaders in all this Rodrigo Aybar and Graciela Aybar for helping us manifest this dream of ours. By no way was it the easiest path, but surely the most fufilling. Sincere thank you to Roby for capturing this memory for us perfectly. We present to you Ezra Hermoso born on September 20th, 2015 at 7:35pm at home.
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Soy médico gineco-obstetra radicado en Panamá, con amplia experiencia el la atención humana, cálida, de la embarazada, durante todo el proceso de la gestación, el parto, el puerperio y lactancia. Soy el único en todo el país que realiza partos en casa, así como en el agua. Nuestra experiencia ha sido con mujeres latinoamericanas, europeas, norteamericanas, africanas y asiáticas.

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