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Thank you!!!

Dearest friends and friends!

Dear beautiful people of this world!

I am writing to thank you for the infinite expressions of affection and love that I have received from you during the past year and this year.

I remained immersed in my world. Trying to get ahead after the unexpected loss of Graciela.

I now perceive and read the hundreds of messages and multiple expressions of affection and love that you have given me.

I discover surprised that I could not answer the chats and comments that were written to us during the last Christmas and New Year parties.

I carefully read the greetings for my birthday last June.

I am really surprised! They come from Chile, Argentina, Panama, from El Salvador,the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, France, Venezuela, Uruguay, Russia, Germany….!

People I deeply adore and admire.

You are a love!!!

With the attached image, together with Sarah and her family, I tell you: we are back! We are fine! Full of energy and with more accumulated wealth and more love than ever!!!!

Many thanks!!!!!

I adore you!!!!

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